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A Murder of Crows
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvP
  3rd Focus PvE
Size Details Hidden
Guild Master Siani
Contacts Siani, Liracy
Time Zone PST, MST, CST, EST

General OverviewEdit

A Murder of Crows is a heavy RP-PvP guild with emphasis on being bandits, assassins, or mercenaries. Despite being heavy into Roleplaying, most Out Of Character discussion is done by the guild channel, despite In Character discussions being there as well. The guild does have a base of operation, but it's location is kept secret, despite the knowledge of it's existence is not.

Guild Mission StatementEdit

We make coin, whether by striking deals, or by forcing 'donations'. We are not above theft, murder, or blackmail. We do what we do to survive, and to further our own wishes and goals that may change on a whim.

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