Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus Roleplay
Guild Master Niien
Contacts Karsanto, Asilah
City Tier 3 in Poitain
Ventrilo Yes, ventrilo info will be provided to interested parties
Time Zone EST

Basic InformationEdit

Recruiting friendly players who want a small tight-knit guild. Feel free to swing by the forums to get to know us.

We are currently on our Tier 3 city located in Poitain. Ventrilo info will be provided to interested parties and is used frequently.

We are a peaceful guild but we will protect our members, defend our allies and do enjoy PvP without griefing. We are a light-roleplay guild. We hold our own RP events and alliance RP sessions including siege warfare.

Come join us to make a mark and leave a legacy in Hyboria!

Feel free to message Niien, Asilah or Karsanto in-game for more info.

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