Game Information
Game Name Adiran
Race Cimmerian
Class Guardian
Guild Black Company (Tonka)
Gender Male



Strong silent type. Wont talk unless spoken. Verry focused. Odd sence of humor. He will laugh at some things others would consider "odd" and not funny at all. Not much ells is known about his personality or background. He keeps to himself mostly but swiftly obeys any order given to him.


Born in the Cimmerian country side but raised in a city he has grown up only dreaming of what he left behind back home where he came from. Growing up under the iron thumb of his father he learned quicky what diciplin was. Once he was old enough to weild a sword he was put into training by his father. After a time you would not know this armord and well diciplined Solder standing befor you was ever the sone of a barbarian woman. Cool and collected and only ever knowing to follow orders. he soon found his home in ruin after it was attacked by demonds. Try as he might to supress them he was soon overrun and fell unconcious. When he woke up he was no longer in the village he remebered falling in. He was in the precence of other armored soilders. Not knowing who these people were or why they took him from his home he was greatfull for their help. In return he offered his sword to the mens cause. In return of the life debt he owed them. These men were The Black Company.

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