Alchaeus of Galparan
Game Information
Game Name Alchaeus
Title(s) High Priest
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Guild Grey Order
Professions Priest, Architect
Height 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 195 Pounds
Build Average
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Age 42


Alchaeus is a plain man. He's got a beard, and a scar from a mace on his right temple. It is not discussed how he received this scar. He is tall and well-built for a priest, but he is by no means extremely muscular. He carries himself well, however, he tends to blend in to the background.


He is quiet, yet attentive. He is always listening, yet never repeats anything he hears, unless the city or his people are in danger. He is strong willed, and demands respect for Mitra. He will not kill. He will pray for fallen foes before he will take one's life.


He is an only child from wealthy commoners. At the mere age of seven, his parents sent him to the Mitran Temple in Galparan to become an oblate, and then priest. He has spent all of his life as a priest in Galparan, so he has not had much excitement to discuss. He hasn’t even traveled outside of Galparan since he arrived there as a child. The somewhat recent events – King Conan’s return to the throne – have been the most excitement he will discuss to date. Tarascus and his thousands upon thousands of men camped on the west bank of the Shirki River in Galparan and the Gundermen and Bossonians as well waiting on the other bank. He managed to stay in the temple, avoiding the cursed men that trampled through his city gates.

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