Andue Melson
Game Information
Game Name Andue
Race Cimmerian
Class Barbarian
Guild Death and Debauchery
Height 6'0"
Weight 205
Build Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Light brown
Eyes Blue
Age 34
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Standing at slightly above average height, this Cimmerian has Light brown hair and broad shoulders. His piercing blue eyes would freeze water, void of emotion, his body tense to react.


He appears to be a very cold and calculating warrior with very little to say to anyone. None, save his closest friends, could tell you what is under that thick exterior of a person.


What is known of him are really only rumors or stories overheard in taverns with too much wine. Apparently, Andue, was the son of a stonecutter by the name of Mel the Hewer of Stone. Andue and his family traveled with one of the many nomadic clans of Cimmeria. One day, however, Andue wandered too far from the tribe in search of adventure as all children do eventually. Then the storm happened. Lost in the foothills of the Eiglophian Mountains he was alone. None know of what happened to his father, the stonecutter, some surmise that he went searching for his son in the Pictish Wilderness to the west. Others believe he abandoned his son for dead in the foothills and continued his nomadic journey.

Andue survived the storm, however, and searched for his father for many cycles until at last he gave up all hope of being reunited with his father. He learned to survive the harsh winters. Forged by the trials he endured as a child he became a great hunter. Until one day the boy, lost in the wilds of Cimmeria, became a man. It is said he encountered and befriended the Vanir for a time, as he lived and hunted primarily around the foothills of the Eiglophian Mountains, the same mountains that border Vanaheim and Asgard. It was around this time, he had heard tales from one of the Vanir soldiers who were making their way toward a Cimmerian Clan to the east. One of these tales described a man searching for a boy lost in the Pictish Wilderness.

It is after that time, that rumor's of Andue's past become shrouded in mystery. The man whom had befriended the Vanir disappeared that night,was thought to go in search of a man with arms strong enough to sunder stone, who was searching for a boy, now a man, lost amongst the Picts. Whether Andue found what he was searching for on this journey only he can tell. The man, once a boy in the wilderness, has returned to Cimmeria. Broken free of the chains that had bound him aboard a Stygian vessel in the seas surrounding the Tortage Islands, his mind is set upon a different task only he can know.



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