Astinos Malakes
Game Information
Game Name Astinos
Race Aquilonian
Class Guardian
Guild Silver Wolf Clan
Height 190 cm
Weight 120 kg
Gender Male
Age 58


A light brown beard and hair dominates his head. Age is starting to show as streaks of grey and hard lines surround cold brown eyes that have seen too much war and battle. His face is full of scars and his muscular body is still in its prime.

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He bears his scars with an obvious pride and confidence is apparent in his steps. Though he radiates an aura of fearlesness but weariness, though hard to spot, can be seen in his demeanor as well. He is usually calm unless provoked but can be quick to anger. Stubborness is his biggest flaw and a perfectionist attitude towards his own actions and skills.

He is a man with no family or friends left and believes only in a glorious death upon the field of battle. He is not suicidal however, and can be considered an honorable and fair fighter, whose biggest goal is the find a worthy enemy who can finally give him what he calls a "beautiful death".


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