Game Information
Game Name Atheana
Title(s) Patrician/Chief Coms. Officer
Nickname(s) Ath
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Guild Rest in Pieces
Professions Gemcrafting, Armorcrafting
Height 5'8
Weight 120 lbs.
Build Lean
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Age 28


Atheana has been described as a beautiful woman. Her neck length wavy blond hair is lightly oiled in the current fashion. Atheana does not wear make up, but the light blue marks under her eyes have been taken as such. These tattos were given to her in her youth and while it is part of who she is, it is not something she likes to advertise. Atheana goes out of her way to ensure she does not look imposing and thus if not for her beauty, most would overlook her.


Atheana is a very prim and proper woman. She considers mercy, to those who repent their misdeeds, one of the highest virtues. Oftentimes she tries to restrain the rage of her more bloodthirsty friends and at least give deserving foes a chance to surrender. Often times this leads her to clash with Imperator Biggs. Though she follows him to the letter, she works to calm his more violent impulses and direct her friends hostile energies against truely unrepentant foes. Due to the revealing armor she wears, which she often points out was bestowed upon her by the will of Mitra, she is sometimes assumed to have a less than sterling "virtue". Nothing could be further from the truth. As a virgin priest, any comment that she may be less than pure brings forth a fury that sometimes startles her allies.

Acting as the guild communication officer, Atheana processes and filters incoming information for the guild, including complaints. Atheana's patience is a huge assest in this role as she must often deal with crude and vulgar individuals who were born with less common sense then an ass. Always tolerant, she tries to repay those who spew venom with kindness and her own secret pity. After all, the cant know any better. Still, Mitra is both a God of forgiveness and justice. It is not impossible, at least in Atheana's eyes, to forgive someone for their actions and words and still be forced to slay them for it. Forgiveness in her eyes does not clear ones past.

In battle, Atheana is sometimes taken with a holy madness that startles even some of the most savage barbarians. Rather than retreat from the blows that rain down upon her from savage enemies, she stands her ground and fights. Holy magic floats about her as she cures her own wounds and those of her allies. At the same time, she uses the power of Mitra to debilitate and kill her enemies. Numbers matter not to her as she will often charge into an enemy group, risking great injury or death, so that her divine power may weaken her foes before her allies close in for the kill.


Still in development.

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