Brannwyn ingen Finnegan
Game Information
Game Name Brannwyn
Nickname(s) Brann, Wynn
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Guild Clan Elkhorn
Professions Huntress
Height 6'2
Build Tall, lithe
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Age 29
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Brannwyn is tall, lithe, and athletic looking. She has small curves. Her eyes are a striking blue, like her brother.

Normally, she is seen wearing a simple kilt, and a flimsy leather strap for her armor. Her back is adorned with scars.



Brannwyn is Fearghus's sister, thought to be dead in a Dark Wolf attack on a Clan Hoath War Party some years ago. She was raised as a huntress, and with Clan Hoath, was set to attack a group of Clan Galla. It was in this hunt that she seemingly perished, impaled on a rock by Sluaghadh of the Dark Wolf. Hoath had retreated, and her body had not yet been recovered when the Dark Wolf survivor of the battle, Sluaghadh, took her for ransom, offering to sell her off to any who would take her.

When she would not cooperate, even in a near death state, Sluaghadh left her to die in the wilderness. The Dark Wolf Clan found her, and nursed her back to life, only to torture her, and subjugate her to the whims of the warriors of the clan. Even the females had their way with her, humiliating her, and breaking her. Brannwyn was not the strong Cimmerian her brother was in this time, taking every slap, every punch, every slice of a dagger.

Yet oddly enough, she survived, and rose up, butchering her captives in a feral rage. She ran, and the Dark Wolf pursued, yet oddly enough, she escaped when she moved to Conarch Village for shelter - at the same time Ahearn and Finlaech set out to find Adharca Cathair - the journey that would cause Fearghus himself to turn against Hoath to be Elkhorn.

Brannwyn now resides in Conarch Village, no longer a proud huntress, but a scarred woman often regarded as maddened and crazed at times.

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