Game Information
Game Name Brinnael
Title(s) Seer of the Wind
Nickname(s) Brin
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Height 6'2"
Weight 277 lbs.
Build Heavy
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age Mid thirties
Alignment Neutral


Brinnael appears much as one who has spent more time about the wilds and in the elements than one of any comfort of village or city. His hair is often unkempt and wild barring a few loose braids. His skin has a leathery quality to it, cured by the sun, the winds and the rains. Many scars can be found on his flesh but the most notable of which marks his brow. It would seem at one time he one time he met a cruel blade not once, but twice.



Brinnael might be viewed by some as wild and confrontational. Quick to pick a fight, and hardly ever willing to back down, he often seems to relish in wild confrontation. Manners and social graces are few and far between with this man. Brinnael also seems to enjoy a strong exchange of insults with friend and foe alike, as well as good ale or spirits. As rough or wild as the man may seem, though, there is at times an odd wisdom about him. Often he offers odd pearls of wisdom or even insights to portents most others will never see.




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