Callista Akarib
Game Information
Game Name Callista
Title(s) Blade of Set
Nickname(s) Cal
Race Stygian
Class Assassin
Guild Brotherhood of Set
Professions N/A
Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs
Build Lean, medium build.
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Dark brown, almost black
Age 23
Alignment Neutral Evil


Look at the picture, but she has a tendency to wear plain clothes so she blends into the crowds better.


She is a fanatic of Set, stalwart in her devotion to him, and would do anything if he so commands it. She's disarmingly relaxed, almost apathetic to the people around her, and sees them as tools or sacrifices to please Set.


Callista is the oldest daughter of four children, in a large family of camel merchants. She lived in the family estate until the age of five, when her father believed she needed to have a good education. He sent her to the assassin's guild, to be trained in the art of killing. During this training, she also received lessons from the priestesses of Derketo. She graduated at the age of fifteen, and traveled with her family's trading caravan for a year before meeting a Prophet of Set, named Harad...