Captain Keelhaul
Game Information
Game Name Keelhaul
Title(s) Captain of the Jhebbal Sag
Nickname(s) "Cap'n"
Race Half-Pict
Class Pirate
Professions Armoursmith
Height 6'
Weight 180 pounds.
Build Swarthy
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Evil


Smelly, scarred, wild-looking. Overall, one might refer to him by one simple word: "Yarrr!"


He takes what he wants, and sometimes takes just for the sake of taking. He is a pirate at heart, and the only thing he fears or truly loves is the sea that has given him his bounty.


Born from the Seagull tribe's chieftain and a captured Zingaran prisoner, Keelhaul was separated from his forced family at the age of 9, by the kin of his mother. They slaughtered most of his tribe, and enslaved what little were left, and Keelhaul was caught up in it all. At the age of fifteen, however, he snuck into his captor's cabin, and slaughtered him, eating him in front of the terrified crew, and hangign his bloodied bones from the mast. And from then on, he raided the seas, and added more grim trophies to his hull.