The Cartel
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvE
  2nd Focus Roleplay
  3rd Focus PvP
Guild Master Noriko, Acacia
Contacts Noriko, Acacia, Flaerus
City Potain, not yet built.
Ventrilo Private, for guild members only

Basic InformationEdit

You sir! Do you like cake? Join one of the best guilds on Cimmeria The Cartel, and you get a free piece of cake! I know, sounds too easy right? But there's more! This guild goes into everything: RP, PvE, Group Quests, Raids, and we have our own Cake Induction Ceremony for each new member!

RP BackstoryEdit

Our history is vast, shrouded in mystery, and tainted by legends. You would be lucky to know anything relating to The Cartel that is even remotely accurate unless you were a member of it's ranks.

It is not exactly known when The Cartel was established, but it is estimated that the guild is appropriately 100 years old. During its time in existence, the Cartel have gone through several leaders and forms of operation.

During the early days of The Cartel, the guild was but a society of educated people in a world of barbarians. The originals members of The Cartel sought nothing but knowledge of the world that surrounded them. The group lives on like that for many years, leaders came and went, and the goals and purpose of the members of The Cartel shifted over time.

Many of the members of the Cartel believed that an organization with their smarts should do more than just sit around and talk, but instead, make use of their knowledge to control the world around them. One of said people became the leader of The Cartel, and shifted the focus of the guild from a society, to an organization, primarily out there for monetary gain.

Upon the death of said leader, current Leaders of the Cartel, Noriko and Acacia, took over. Under their leadership, The Cartel have entered a new era, falling somewhere in between in the two previous ways of management. These days, merchants, scholars and adventures are welcome in to the ranks of the guild, as we believe that everyone has something new and important to bring to us.

Cartel Guild RulesEdit

This guild is very chivalrous when it comes to PvP, so please try to follow the rules:

-No Ganking (Killing lower than 8 levels below you), unless they are in our KOS list
-No Spawn Camping (no exceptions)
-No killing when an enemy is talking to an NPC
-No killing while an enemy is in combat with MOBS

-No kill stealing

-Need always before Greed. NEVER hit need on an item that you do not truly need
-Never greed non-trade-able items unless no one needs it
-Stick to your roll in combat (Tank, DPS, Heal, etc), we all have something to offer, let us use it

-Treat others as they are treating you(disrespect the disrespectful, respect the respectful)
-Be friendly to all your fellow guildsmen
-Try to avoid creating exclusive cliques within the guild, it can lead to the degradation of the guild

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