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This page is for everyone who wants to create a new bounty, or search for existing bounties to carry out.

Creating a Bounty

To create a bounty, insert the name-level-class in the box below.

So if you want to create a bounty for "PoorHuntedDude" it should look like "PoorHuntedDude-23-Necromancer". This will bring you to the edit section of a Bounty, made specifically for your target. Insert the information about the bounty, and when you are done, press "Save Page" at the bottom. A page will be created, and you should be able to see it back on this page, down below, or in the open/closed bounty list.

Note: Failing to pay up on a Bounty is a good way to find yourself on the receiving end of the treatment you were just supposed to be paying for, by a person who has proven that they are capable.

Collecting on a Bounty

  • Verify, IN-GAME, that the provider indeed has called a bounty out on said person. This will eliminate the "it wasn't me" excuse
  • Kill Person
  • Take Screenshot (make sure we can see)
  • Change "Open_or_Closed" at the top of their Bounty page (under edit) to "Closed"
  • Post screenshot of the deed (see instructions below).

More Detailed Instruction

When you have killed someone who has a bounty on their head, take a screenshot, default key F-11 (make sure you can either see the person's name after you kill them, or you make the combat log nice and big so that the Bounty Provider can see the name and their death). Go back to that person's bounty page and upload the screenshot to the page, following the instructions listed there. This will be proof of the bounty being complete, and will require the bounty provider to pay up. After you have been paid, change the "Status of Bounty" on the page to CLOSED, so other people don't try and collect.

Note: Since there is no moderator for the "bounties", if someone fails to pay up, go to the "Discussion" page (on the top right of this page) and write it down.

Uploading Kill Screenshots

  • Go to the person's Bounty Page (the person you just killed to collect a Bounty, listed on the list, bottom of this page)
  • Click on the "Image:Bounty-'NameOfTheBounty'.jpeg" red text. This will take you to an Image Upload page.
  • In the "Source File" box, navigate to the screenshot you took.
  • In the "Destination Filename," keep the name already entered in for you.
  • In the summary, put whatever extra info you want. Don't forget to add a file license.
  • Press Upload File.


If a Bounty Provider fails to pay after sufficient evidence has been provided, try and work it out with them in-game first. If that fails, go to the "Discussion" tab of this page (top right) and enter a dispute on the "Dispute" thread using the "Post new comment" link at the top of the page. This will allow other Bounty Hunters to know if the provider is genuine.

If you really would like revenge, feel free to open your own bounty on them; just don't fall into the same trap by not paying!

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