Hyborian Accord
Guild/Group Group
Primary Focus Roleplay
Size Very Large

This page describes the Hyborian Accord, and lists articles on the wiki that are related to or belong to members of the group. If a guild is part of the accord on the server wiki, add [[Category:Hyborian Accord]] to the page.

About the Hyborian AccordEdit

The purpose of the Hyborian Accord is to populate one RP-PvP server with well-known role-playing guilds whose themes are consistent with Robert E. Howard's Conan lore and his Hyborian Age setting. The group hopes to create a positive environment conducive to meaningful storylines between the various guilds involved; thus, producing an extra layer of depth to our role-playing battles and skirmishes. Accord members seek to foster an atmosphere in which the wars between guilds have background stories, politics, and alliances, rather than mindless butchery. It is the group's goal that the Cimmeria server becomes the home for a lore-centric RP-PvP community.

There are many things that the Hyborian Accord is and many things it is not. It is suggested for newcomers to read the charter in order to understand what the group is and what it aspires to be.

What is the Hyborian Accord?Edit

The HA is a conduit through which the member guilds seek to preserve and enhance an environment that is conducive to roleplay free from the distraction of guilds and individuals who have adopted a malicious and malignant playstyle.

As part of what the Hyborian Accord is, we offer to you what the Hyborian Accord is not. It is not a military alliance meant to dominate or control the server. We do not maintain and establish permanent operations in support of the Accord. Our goal is offer just enough information and administrative overhead for only the most necessary proceses, while leaving what the Hyborian Accord really means up to its member guilds. While we establish what the HA is not, each member is left to decide what they wish to make of the Accord in their own way.

We have no formal council of the Accord and do not publish regulations or codes defining roleplay to impose constraints upon any members. We do, however, make use of the HA in order to positively contribute to a roleplay environment to arrange events, storylines, compile resources and address general grievances on the server void of binding agreements or judgments.

What can I expect from the Accord?Edit

We will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that there are likeminded individuals in other guilds who wish to enhance the roleplay environment on your server and do not believe in dictating how to do it or imposing their own definition upon you. We believe in a positive employment of roleplay providing lore resources, events, deeper guild structures, conduits of communication and opportunities designed to encourage rather than enforce.

What is expected from members of the Accord?Edit

By joining the Hyborian Accord, you will be expected to contribute positively to the Hyborian Accord. You will be expected to enhance the roleplay environment on our server in a positive manner and by example, not by force or imposition. We expect all our member guilds to show respect for other players at all times in an effort to make the server community a warm and welcome one.

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