Game Information
Game Name Charade
Race Aquilonian
Class Conqueror
Guild Wolves of Valhalla
Height 5'8"
Weight 135
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Aqua
Age Unknown


Charade is an Aquilonia female with what could be described as regal features. She is of normal stature, and wiry muscles course beneath skin tanned by years spent under the sun. Her hair is a light brown, and bangs conceal one eye. Her eyes are aqua colored, while the right eye shines with kindness, the left seems to seethe with malice... Upon closer inspection, ripples can be seen beneath the skin, as if something is within...


<Coming Soon>


Charade is the result of an experimental procedure where Priests of Set attempted to combine a Demon Weapon-master with a Human. Originally born in Aquilonia, the girl was kidnapped due to her bright aqua eyes... a characteristic renown for having susceptibility to magic. Her family was slaughtered as she was kidnapped, killed by Stygian assassins.

Her fusion "partner" was an especially venerable and malicious Weapon-master, pulled from a pit deep within Hell. Since she was the prototype, the experiments performed on her were extremely vile, and the magic of the Priests caused immense agony to both souls. She underwent experimentation from the age of five until fifteen. Around her fifteenth year of life, the experiment finally met with success, and trapped the souls of both within the human body... this was not the desired result of the experiment. The Priests wanted the soul of the human within the Demon's body, which would make the Demon much easier to command. As such she was cast into the streets and forgotten about, a guinea-pig abandoned.

The forced fusion of the souls caused insanity within her, and she wandered gibbering for years on the streets. Her instincts kept her alive, survival instincts honed through thousands of years in Hell in tandem with the human instincts kept her alive for five years.

Then, something miraculous happened. The wavelengths of both souls attuned to one another, and the being known as Charade was born. The cost of the attunement, however, was great - Charade had no memories beyond knowing she was both a Demon and a Human. The names of both the girl and the demon were abandoned to time - no one remembered these any longer. Another mysterious byproduct of the fusion was immortality - both a gift and a curse. She took up the name "Charade", a name representing both her past and her present.

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