- Network: Quakenet  ( )
- Channel: #aoc.cimmeria
- If you have mIRC installed you can just click the following link and it will 
take you directly to the channel 
- Click here-> irc://

In order to access the IRC channel there are many programs you can use such as mIRC and PIRCH. There are also CGI-based IRC clients scattered around the internet that allow you to access the channel and server.

mIRC is the standard program that most people use.
You can obtain mIRC at mIRC is a shareware program, and requests a $20 registration after about a month. However, you can continue to use the program for free, just hit "Continue" on the windows requesting payment.

Here is a quick run-through to get you on track with using mIRC.

- Download and extract the program.
- Run mIRC.
- The Options panel should pop up.
- Type in your nickname; the other fields are usually optional on most servers.
- On the lefthand menu:
- Expand "Connect"
- Select "Servers"
- Select "Quakenet" from the servers list, and highlight Random Server from its dropdown list.
- Return to main "Connect" window and press the "Connect" button.
- Now the Options window should have closed, and the Channels window should pop up.
- Type #aoc.cimmeria in the field, and press join.  Another way is to close the Channels 
window and type /join #aoc.cimmera in the field at the bottom of the Status window that popped up when you  
connected to the server.

Now that these settings are ready all you need to do each time you run the program is hit Connect, then join #aoc.cimmeria!

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