The following is a list of rules for the Cimmeria RP-PvP server that have been generally agreed upon en-mass by the community. Any person or group breaking these rules risks being KoS'd by, basically, everyone. These rules were initially brought up and agreed upon in the AoC-Cimmeria forums here.

These rules are very, very basic on purpose. They are mostly common-sense agreements written down to keep everyone on the same page and the server as OOC-friendly as possible (though IC we may be at each other's throats).

NOTE: These rules are subject to change as the community evolves and Funcom adds or removes features to/from AoC. If you or your group feel you may be about to do something that is questionable, it might be a good idea to review the current rules here before doing so.

Current Version: 0.01.00

Written: May 19th, 2008

Cimmeria Community PvP Rules Edit

1--Respawn points are off-limits for PvP!
No PvP should occur within 20-30 "game meters" (just guess) of a respawn point. No fleeing persons should enter a protected respawn area when fleeing.

2--Load areas are fair game, but loading avatars are not.
An avatar must physically begin moving from a load-point before being a valid target, as this movement is the surest sign that they are loaded and ready to go.

3--Avatars speaking with NPCs/Merchants are off-limits
...though attempting to run from PvP by engaging an NPC/Merchant does not make you safe.