Dacius conq
Dacius Alexandrinus
Game Information
Game Name Dacius
Title(s) The Conqueror
Race Aquilonian
Class Conqueror
Professions Armorsmith, Weaponsmith
Height 1.85m
Weight 105kg
Build Brute
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Age 54
Alignment Neutral


An old man, shaped by the pain and hate of Hyboria, with honor and loyalty stamped on his face. The sun was not mercyfull with his skin over time. Usually, he carries a sad expression and an introspective behavior... usualy. Not of much talking neither socializing, he open his mouth on rare occasions to pronounce wise advices... or battle cries.


As the seasoned warrior he is, Dacius doesn´t let the hate take control of him, never. When challenged, he usually advise his challenger that it will be to the death, as any proper challenge should be, and that none shall be spared after his battle cry is made sound.

As the innate war dog he is, Dacius find his only weakness: To be the first man on the front, and to charge on anything that puts his companions in danger. His most terrifying losses were consequences of this reckless behavior on the battle. By always exposing himself, he usually end his battles injured, and his flesh is well written with scars to remind him of that – and yet, he won´t change.


Dacius were raised, as a child, to be a Black Dragon and to serve the King. He survived two generations of kingdoms in Aquilonia, and served them well, taking every single battle as his own, and protecting his people with passion.

But the treason knows no boundaries, and one of his Black Dragon companions felt to the foul desires of Acheron – So… that man, once his friend, planned to assassinate the might Leader of the Black Dragons by ambushing him and his army at the Noble District, with one thousand aggressors. Knowing that this would bring too much deaths upon the Black Dragons, and too much pain upon his beloved king Conan, he vanished into the dark woods, of the Field of the Dead, growing old and patient.

He abdicated of his position as a Black Dragon leader, becoming an unknown nomad, doing small trades and selling his body as a mercenary. He became friend of murderers, thieves and prostitutes. He became one with the people. And now, his army is not made of Black Dragons. His army is nothing less than his friends, the most cunning and mysterious assassins of Aquilonia.

But, for some reason, Dacius disapeared from the company of his companions bandits, and his location and activity have being unknow.

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