Dark Covenant
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Size Small
Guild Master Bannok
Contacts Krak, Kathanna
City Lacheish Plains
Ventrilo Private


We are not for everyone. This is the most important claim people must understand. We are by far not the oldest gaming guild, but we do have a rich history, lasting from NwN to Uo, to Everquest, to Asheron's Call, to Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft and to the most recent realm, Age of Conan.

We are a player versus player guild. We enjoy competing with other players. AI is simply not enough, though it can prove to be fun from time to time. Role-playing is another thing that is welcome. Too long have guilds distanced themselves from their role-play roots. Our names, our speech, and our actions are restricted. Needless to say, a lot is expected from members. Simply speaking like a child is not only an embarrassment but poor representation of the guild. Silence, best serves us. Gloating does not. Our motto is simple, kill and move on.

Note: This is just a brief excerpt. You can find our entire history by visiting the link in the guild window.

PvP PolicyEdit

Upon our arrival in Cimmeria, DC has assumed the role of a neutral aligned PvP guild. Essentially, we would not instigate hostile actions against random players or guilds. Therefore DC is not a rpk PvP guild. However, there are a few guilds on Cimmeria that we share a deep history with and consider fierce enemies. Some of these wars have spanned over multiple games and have lasted well over a decade. We expect to receive no mercy or quarter from these guilds, and they should expect the same from us.

I. KOS Policy

Dark Covenant’s KOS policy is actually quite simple. Once a player or guild commits a blatant hostile action against any member of the Temple, the attacking parties and associated guilds become hostile targets. The Temple firmly believes that guilds should be accountable for the actions and words of all of it’s members. We will not hesitate to unleash retribution on any member, regardless of level, of any hostile guild. Unless a peace treaty is requested, and accepted by the Temple, this hostility will continue indefinitely.

II. Current Politics

As time has gone by on Cimmeria, the number of guilds that we remain neutral with are far and few between. We will not disclose an entire list of hostile guilds as it would comprise of the vast majority of the server population. Basically, your guild is a hostile target if we are currently attacking it’s members. If you have chosen not to commit any hostile actions towards the Temple, then we will respect and honor that neutrality.

III. Contacting DC

If you have questions or comments about any of the information listed above, or simply wish to contact DC about any diplomatic matters, you can do so by a couple different methods. You can either fill out the contact form on the site linked in the guild window, or directly contact Bannok, Krak, or Kathanna in game.


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