Dark Legion of the Empire
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Guild Master Hawke, Butcho, Nelood, Vyper
City Yes
Teamspeak Yes
Time Zone All US

Basic InformationEdit

Dark Legion of the Empire is very active in PVP; however, we do much PVE to improve our PVP power. Our guild is solely for selfless people and believe in quality of players over quantity. Rank means little except for major decisions, we all die together the same. We equip our people with the best items possible to make us more powerful in PVP before we even worry about wealth. All members will share and benefit from this concept.

Any items that can be used by another guildie for combat purposes will not be sold. Selling to the enemy and making them more powerful will be frowned upon.

Currency means little to us as we depend on each other. We play by our own rules and do whatever it takes to make every player in our guild the best they can be. We are only as strong as our worst. Fun is our priority, drama need not apply.


We do whatever it takes to kill the enemy and let them know they were killed by DLE.

We are HEAVY teamspeak users in PVP. Tactics and strategy w/ heavy emphasis on teamplayers.


We have been around for 7+ years, some games include SWG, WoW, DoTA, BF2, CoD4, CoX, etc. We were a very active PVP guild with much power. We are a very tight knit family because of our game style of being generous to one another with equipment, training and raids. After all is said and done, we have each other's back while we kick ass and have fun.

Contact us if interested, we usually BS in teamspeak and I'll send you the info if you'd like to know more details w/ our website info which can be found here

We do have our city up and we are working to complete the tier 1 items, and we have quite a few members. Not going to go into numbers, but we have more than enough online at one time during Prime Time (evenings) for anyone to find a group of guildies if they are wanting to.

Drama is never welcome.

Some movies that DLE has made for AoC...

Video of the Volcano Quest (semi-spoiler)-

Detailed Spellweaving Video-

Guild Hall, Temple and Trade Hall going up!

PvP Beta Weekend Video!

I've also a video on the killing of RMT farmers.

The more we kill them, and distract them from their farming of silver/gold, the less product they can aquire...

and the smaller is

I'll have to rework some of them, as the compression isn't hot.. but I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and see you all in game!

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