Dauntless Reverie
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Size Growing!
Guild Master Lyte
Contacts Lyte, Mdjai, Isilaja, Methesnos

The OrganizationEdit

The Dauntless Reverie is a place of fellowship of for individuals who have banded together to seek their hearts' desire. They are multitudes: boisterous rogues, driven mystics, progressive clergy, nature loving survivalists, and wandering mercenaries -- what unites them is that they have nowhere else to go. Lyte is the Chieftain of the Dauntless, and has Anointed several War Chiefs.

Because the Dauntless are a fellowship of individuals, there is no high-handed goal among them - they simply help one another in their personal quests and growth, for reasons they themselves determine.

The Dauntless Reverie makes its home on Cimmeria, an RP-PVP Server.

Application RequirementsEdit

The Dauntless Reverie was originally founded in the game City of Heroes in 2004 as a haven for magically empowered or touched individuals that, by the nature of their modern environment, were inherently displaced. In Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventures, the Dauntless Reverie is still a fellowship of displaced individuals, but for a variety of reasons.

Were you removed from your tribe by raiders into your territory? Did you have a falling out with your temple? Were you a slave that was able to fight for your freedom? Isolated from the thieves guild in your home town because you stole the leader's companion? A mercenary that is in between armies? In the Dauntless, there are many options in interpreting the idea of "displacement"; you just need to want to play it that way.

And play we do. We are exclusively role-players (RP), and with rare exception, stay in character (IC) during play. We tend to surround out of character (OOC) commentary in double parentheses.

There are a few types of characters whose integration into the Dauntless would be particularly difficult, and whose applications are therefore less likely to be accepted. These include:

~ Advancement-only focused players: we play and we fight ~ Characters who are abusive of their comrades: it's hard to be celebratory when you're getting stabbed in the back ~ Characters who are prejudiced: "burn all witches" just won't work out well ~ Loner type characters: we like to group and interact often ~ Poor writers: we communicate with words ~ RP haters: definitely the wrong crowd

We accept applications at any time. Those applications are then reviewed and an interview is arranged. This may take a few days, so please: be patient. During the interview, any number of questions might be asked by both parties. Provided the interview goes well, everyone is accepted on a two-week trial basis. This is your chance to get to know us as well as our chance to get to know you.

We look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps one day, raising arms in battle with you as Dauntless!