Death and Debauchery
Guild/Group Guild
Theme A Hardcore / Serious Role-Play Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvE
  3rd Focus PvP
Guild Master Cirus
Website http:\\

Basic InformationEdit

The idea behind Death & Debauchery was hatched in January 2008. We wanted to create a guild that transcended the ideals of your typical MMO guild and furthermore you average RP Guild. At the time of it's inception only one Hardcore RP Guild existed, since then our community has flourished, but the amount of guilds devoted to Serious RP has remained small. Despite this, we are proud to be apart of this minority of players who actively pursue RP above all else.

Death & Debauchery invites you to experience an entirely different style of role-play. A style devoted to exploring storylines and transcending the boundaries of the norm while keeping strictly to Howard's Lore. You will not find RPers in our guild who are playing vampires or werewolves. You will not find homocidal murderers who use RP as an excuse to kill. You will find RPers that transcend your typical munchkin tavern Rper. You will find rpers that can see past cybersex and focus on great plot while incorporating mature themes. You will find guild run storylines devoted to increasing character interaction and allowing your characters history to progress through our guild.

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