Game Information
Game Name Draugr
Title(s) Annalist
Race Cimmerian
Class Barbarian
Guild Black Company (Tonka)
Professions Alchemist
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Draugr picture272

The Barbarian Draugr, of Black Company (Tonka)


The shaman say Draugur has no soul because he shows little feeling - as if already dead. Unlike his kin, Draugur does not revel in the flesh. He sees the physical realm as the path to Hel, while the spirit is free like the northern wind. Thus being empty, Draugur lives entirely in the moment; ever prepared to die and enter the gates of Valhalla. Like the wraith, Draugr is dead to this world.


Draugur is a Cimmerian from the north, and grew up near the Border Kingdom. His name means ‘wraith’ in the Cimmerian tongue. When Draugr was young, foreigners invaded and destroyed his village. He returned from hunting to find his people slain and their huts burned to the ground. Mourning for his people, the barbarian scavenged whatever things he could and withdrew into the high mountains. He left the world behind. For many years Draugur lived as a nomad in the harsh wilderness. This is how he got his name – the shaman said he was like a walking ghost.

Draugur could however, see that foreign hordes were slowly pushing their way into Cimmeria. He knew this time was the beginning of the end for his homeland. After years in retreat, Draugur descended into the land of men and of war. He made his way into the Border Kingdoms where the barbarian survived scavenging battlefields and burial grounds. Although he passed without trace, the barbarian had no experience against magic. Draugur was eventually captured by Stygian raiders and sent to Tortage as a slave. This is where he met the Captain of the Black Company.

Norse MythologyEdit

Wikipedia article on Draugr

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