Game Information
Game Name Ellse
Title(s) Patrician/Captain
Nickname(s) Ell
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Guild Rest in Pieces
Professions Weaponsmith/Architect
Height 5'10"
Weight 120
Build Slim/Slightly Muscular
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 23
Alignment Neutral


Average height and the typical features of an Aquilonian, Ellse is easily confused as a typical member of her race. A piercing and deep stare instills fear into opponents as they see their own death. Her daggers, emanating an unholy aura, are held with a swift grace as they find home in the backs, and hearts of her enemies. Ellse wears vests and robes of cloth in order to stay lithe when hidden.


Ellse usually takes the place of a quiet observer. She acts as the hidden blade and ears of her guild, remaining loyal to the members and friends.
Ellse sit


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