Guild/Group Guild
Theme Heavy raiding, light RP, & casual PvP.
Primary Focus PvE
  2nd Focus PvP
  3rd Focus RP
Size 35
Contacts All Members
City Tier 3
Ventrilo Yes
Website Emissaries


Emissaries was originaly formed by players of Valhalla and Danse Macabre from the Hyperborea server. This new guild gave like minded players from both guilds an opportunity to advance with end-game content. The Emissaries were then fortunate to meet members from the guild Riders of the Storm which turned into another great opportunity to expand even more with a complete Tier 3 city and more great members. The Emissaries guild continues to expand its membership and build a strong reputation based on peaceful diplomacy through strength.


Our primary focus is on raiding and other related end-game PvE content. We successfully kill all Tier 1 bosses weekly and have begun raiding Tier 2 dungeons. We currently allow a few visitors to some raids but will soon be "closing" our raids and implementing a DKP system. It is always easy to get a group together for Xibaluku, Onyx Chambers, Epic Bats, Atzel's Fortress, etc. There are also plenty of people to quest with if you are in the mood for questing or even power leveling.


We have varying degrees of roplayers within our guild. Though all levels of RP are welcome, we do not have RP as our primary focus. We do however participate in RP events and make it a point to keep the RP aspect of this server (Cimmeria) in mind while in-game.


There is no "ganking" or trash talking allowed from our guild. Ganking being attacking someone without a guild authorized reason and/or attacking someone while they are engaged with an NPC via dialog or combat. As a general rule we do not initiate combat nor take an aggressive stance with other guilds. Though the above parameters are enforced and we do not generaly keep a KOS (kill on sight) list there are exceptions to the rule. That exception would be a guild, group, or individual that performs an act so grievous that we in good conscience can not sit idly on the side lines to allow. Examples: Inviting someone to a group/raid only to drop and kill them. Attacking outside a raid instance. Killing somone trying to finish their destiny quest in the Onyx Chambers.

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