Floralis a Gaudium
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvP
  3rd Focus PvE
Size 130+
Guild Master Fastinyoh
City Butte (working on Tier 2)
Teamspeak Yes
Ventrilo No
Time Zone GMT

Basic InformationEdit

Cimmeria's premier Anti-Random-Player-Killer Roleplaying guild. The guild has many ranks of members, all of whom contribute to the organization in different ways. The focus of Floralis a Gaudium is to uphold honor, chivalry, and valor.

Enemy FactionsEdit

As Cimmeria's premier Anti-Random-Player-Killer Roleplaying guild, Floralis a Gaudium has made some enemies. Not all agree with the guild's tough stance on "ganking" other players. In order to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, Floralis a Gaudium has issued a Kill-On-Sight list. Any guild on the list is considered to be an enemy of Floralis a Gaudium. The current list can be found on the official AoC forums.

Environmental WorkEdit

Floralis a Gaudium is also dedicated to preserving wildlife across Hyboria. Their most recent efforts on White Sands Island are documented in detail on the official AoC forums.

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