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This page is for guilds to let others know of members they kicked out/weren't roleplayers/general complaints against. While I understand they can come in here and delete themselves, this might help.

Although I'm not good with wiki's, if someone could put the form on the right side i'd appreciate it.


 Name of Individual:
  - Complaint #(please incrament)
    - Name of person filing complaint
    - Guild your in
    - Complaint IC
    - Complaint OOC

Simply repeat complaint area incramenting number

- Theldorum
  - Complaint #1
    - Karla Morganna
    - Order of Nebethet
    - Complaint IC:
        None, never roleplayed
    - Complaint OOC:
        Were what, a week into launch, this member of our guild still hadn't donated twards the keep, or plans. Vent is a requirement in our guild says so in MOTD in which I enphasized every day. Finally I tell him to get on, so he leaves. (This is a member I wish hadn't left so -I- could of kicked him out) And complains that being so foward with it was bad.
        Lets see, he never donated anything, helped the guild, grouped with guild members asking around his level in guildchat. And when were close to getting keep up, in which we don't know how the npc raids work or if there's instantly one. And we start really working on everyone being on vent, he says its unfair. What, unfair you need to help your guild defend something you didn't take the time to help create? With people you refused to help?
- Ezekial
  - Complaint #1
    - Karla Morganna
    - Order of Nebethet
      - Complaint IC:
          Got ganked by an irl friend when turning in a quest, instead of taking it IC, or to guild management left
      - Complaint OOC:
          Same, plus stated that he disliked having someone giving orders (were about to bring up town and trying to get a slight military structure for guarding the city)

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