Game Information
Game Name Ithras
Race Cimmerian
Class Barbarian
Height 6'07"
Weight 322
Build Stocky/Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Age 28
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Ithras is a tall, muscular brute hidden beneath a deceivingly stocky frame. He keeps his head shaved close and lets his thick, fiery sideburns grow out. His eyes are sunken and surrounded by darkness that contrasts his icy green eyes. The corded muscles and tremendous size belie his speed and balance.

In contrast to the sunken eyes and dark demeanor, Ithras bears an almost snow white skin tone.


Ithras is a sullen, weathered soul who keeps mostly his own council. There are few that he likes and fewer still that he trusts, knowing that by his strength alone he has survived thus far. Ithras is far more intelligent than the brutish exterior belies, yet stubbornly hides it beneath a scowl and blackened, sallowed eyes.


Ithras was raised in the cold mountains near Conarch Village. His family became semi-nomadic after some poor decisions made by his late father. During one of the many debacles of seeking shelter, Ithras's small family was set upon by the slave traders. Ithras was quickly subdued while others of his family were hurt or killed. After being separated from the others, Ithras has no knowledge of the whereabouts or wellbeing of his family. With no home left to go to, Ithras clings to the idea of a life growing out of the harsh realm of Cimmeria as a sense of pride to press forward with.