Jauren Dh'yana
Game Information
Game Name Jauren
Nickname(s) Dee
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Height 6'5"
Weight 165
Build Thin
Gender Male
Hair Long and beaded
Eyes Pale green
Age 28
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Jauren is tall and slender, though he rarely stands out from a crowd. Never in a hurry, he carries himself with a quiet sense of purpose. His eyes are always wandering, as he watches everything in never-ended curiosity. His pale eyes constantly glint in mischief, even when his expression is skillfully blank.

He is not a narcissist, by any means, though he attempts to look and dress nicely. His dark hair is pulled into small, tidy dreadlocks, falling lightly over his shoulders. His clothing is self-tailored and conservative, usually of greens and browns.


Jauren is amiable and quick to smile. He tries to enjoy himself in most situations and takes an eerie pleasure in the most morbid of tasks. He treats life casually, never rushing and often stopping to inspect anything of interest. He is an avid reader and prides himself on knowing many useless facts, especially those dealing with the natural world.

While he seems a polite and well-meaning friend, he often lies and warps conversations for his own amusement. He is a tease and enjoys pushing people to their edge. People around him will often be a source of entertainment, willing or not. In groups, he will often listen intently and speak-up only to edge the conversation in the direction he desires. He is rarely uncomfortable around others, though often fronts a shy, quiet personality. He enjoys singing, but rarely does so in the company of others.

Do not be mistaken, though-- while he is usually able to keep his composure, even when angered, he is a merciless fighter. He takes much joy out of acts of torture, both physical and mental, and those who cross his path rarely enjoy a swift death.


Jauren is often reluctant to speak of his youth. While others dwell on events long-passed, he has become very skilled at forgetting periods of his life as it suits him.

If you are close enough to him, perhaps you'll learn of it.

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