Jenos Korosa
Game Information
Game Name Jenos
Nickname(s) Koro, Jeno, "Hey, you!"
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild Warbringer
Height 6'1"
Weight Unknown
Build Slightly muscular, but otherwise thin.
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown / Black, depending on light.
Eyes dark brown
Age 19



Quite odd for a Stygian, he harbors no love for his homeland, nor its snakes and its people, and he actively curses Set should misfortune befall him. Comical at times he is also very reckless, yet somehow his recklessness rarely fails him. Among the lands of Cimmeria to the north, he is one of the very few outsiders who are treated with as much respect as a full fledged Cimmerian warrior. His personality, oddly enough, resembles a Cimmerian, rather than a Stygian, and perhaps is the reason he is accepted among the Cimmerian Clans. His mood can change in an instant, from brave fighter, to comical klutz, to sleazy pervert. He fights for his friends, and generally fights the "good fight", although, in the world of Hyboria, such a breed is increasingly becoming rare.


Unknown at the moment. (Soon to be revealed)

Jenos picture013

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