The Serpent's Head will again be hosting an event this weekend! This Saturday, the 26th, at 9pm EST (6pm PST) we will open the doors to a huge crowd again. Since last weekend the event wasn't going on we are expecting a large gathering again like usual!

If you are a dancer, entertainer, or server please don't be afraid to send Imari a tell in-game or PM Irami on the forums! We've still got a good sized list of the regular dancers and servers, and hopefully the merc-guild can show up again for security! Last time we had about 3 instances of people smashed into one, and it didn't crash. (I'm still honestly surprised it didn't crash.)

There will be more announcements this week, and hopefully we can put together some sort of competition for this particular event. I was hoping "social" clothing was out by now for a beauty/fashion competition, but it is too limited right now for that. (Anyone dressed in the Derfei outfit would instantly win, currently.)

Can't wait to see you all there again!

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