Game Information
Game Name Kaili
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Guild Six Feet Under
Professions Ambassador
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Age 28


I was born twenty eight summers ago in the hills of Aquilonia. My upbrining was typical and confined to the village. Nearly twenty years ago to the day my family was murdered by the Nemedians, lucky to escape, I was given refuge by a exiled Priest.

I was given an education only learned from the path of Mitra, which I have since dedicated my life to. Some years later my mentor passed away and I was once again left alone in a world I knew so little about. I began my journey to spread the word of Mitra when slavers abducted me and threw me into the hold of a slaving ship that was bound for some distant land. Mitra, be praised, destroyed that vessel and I was thrown into a world of conflict, so untouched by faith that I was determined to bring the light to such a desolate world.

I began retraining my mind to harness the powers of Mitra to defend the weak and helpless. Through force and conviction I choose to let their God sort them out. You may call me a murder or a vigilante, it makes no difference to me. Through force of conviction and righteous power I will bring light into this world. If it costs one soul or one million Mitra will once again claim this land.

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