Kesiah Galaxy
[[Image:Janaye (icon4)|250px]]
Game Information
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Guild Phoenix Gladiators
Height 5'1
Weight 112
Build Slender
Gender Female
Hair Bloody Red
Eyes Forest green
Age 17
Alignment Neutral


Kesiah is a small yet very pale of skin as of her cimmerian blood. Marked ever since her birth her parents marked the child with winter hunter across her face since she was in deed born during the coolest season ever. Kesiah also has long red bloody colored hair looking mostly like a tomboy being caught wearing the clothing of her older brother's usually stealing most of his best looks for her own desires.


Regardless of being completely blind ever since her child birth, Young Kesiah seems to never give up in doing whatever she desires. When it comes to meeting new folks she's the kind of girl that rather hang around her fellow male friends mostly feeling like a boy herself at times. She cares deeply about her brother as well ,and wishes to do anything to protect just as she's done in the past. Kesiah has little taste for wine however smoking lotus seems to be her thing however sometimes she can out do herself nearly killing herself at times tho she see's no wrong in such deeds. She isn't very good at taming her anger willing to get into a brawl with anyone that lays in her path.


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