Game Information
Game Name kissmet
Race stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild The Black Lotus
Height 5'3"
Weight 110
Build slight
Gender female
Hair red
Eyes yellow
Age 22
Alignment good



very shy and quiet.........but occasionally a hot temper can awaken.

My name is Kissmet. I was born in Stygia where my mother was a priestess in a small temple outside Khemi. Unfortunately or fortunately in my case, while out gathering plants she was confronted by a wild red-headed barbarian who proceeded to throw her over his saddle and took her away with him to his camp. What followed was never explained to me by my mother but by the look in her eye when she sees me I know it was not entirely unwanted. Anyway...I am the result of that wild night and thus the red hair. So I am on a quest in the cold valley of Coneill to hunt for a red-headed barbarian I can call father. Meanwhile I will try to keep quiet and learn the ways of my other half and bring to them my healing gifts as I wander.


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