Game Information
Game Name Martikus
Title(s) Shaman
Nickname(s) Mart
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Guild None
Professions Armorsmith, Alchemist
Height 5'10"
Weight 190 lbs
Build Stocky
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey-Blue
Age 45
Alignment Neutral


A native of the southern marches of the Cimmerian territories, Martikus is not as tall or muscular as his northern clansmen. At 45 years old, he is considered somewhat of en elder amongst his fellow Cimmerians, due to the relatively short lifespans of those northern folk. The years have worn on his body, causing him to lack for physical strength, but his soul and mind remain as strong as ever, and his healing abilities remain potent. His brown hair cascades down his head and neck, to meet with his long, curled beard. His eyes, a dull mixture of blue and grey, peek out from behind the woad of the bear, a symbolic facepaint worn by the shaman of the south.


Martikus is a rather gentle barbarian, preferring to heal the wounded rather than cause wounds on his own, but this appreciation for life comes now in old age, for in his younger years he was less a shaman and more a brawler and raider. He still retains some of the violent streak that served him well at Venarium, which is unleashed when he sees fellow Cimmerians cut down by foreigners, especially the hated Vanir. While he maintains a suspicion of people of the south, such as Stygians and Aquilonians (save the Gundermen, which Martikus has been known to fight alongside with), it is mostly due to the works of their mysterious gods, which Martikus sees as subversion and sorcery. However, if the need arises, he will join with the pious southerners to protect his home.


Born of a Gunderman father and a Cimmerian mother, Martikus was raised an outcast amongst the clans of southern Cimmeria after his father was slain. As he grew, he learned to fight, as all Cimmerian boys do, but he also showed a great affinity for the healing arts, which served to make him a true Cimmerian in the eyes of his clansmen. This change from outcast to trusted healer occurred at the siege of Venarium, where he managed to prevent the death of his clan leader by slaughtering his attackers and then restoring him to fighting shape. Since Venarium, he has traveled far across Hyboria as a mercenary. While in Stygia preparing to carry out a raid on the caravans approaching Bubshur, he was captured and taken into slavery by the hated Saddur. On his way to Ulric, slavemaster of Tortage, Saddur and his ship came under attack and the ship was destroyed. Upon waking up on the beach of Tortage, Martikus met old Kalanthes, and after hearing of Saddur heading to the city, tore through the jungle to find the slaver. Martikus later found, and killed Saddur, gaining his freedom. Now Martikus the Bear Shaman roams Hyboria, seeking revenge on the one behind his capture and the mysterious mark he now bears...

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