Game Information
Game Name Mathuin
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Height 6'4"
Weight 245 lb.
Build Tall, stocky
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Light green
Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Mathúin is a tall man, his body scarred by his time living in the wilderness. Underneath a frame that is thick of stomach and thin of arm, he possesses strength and fortitude common to his Cimmerian kin. His hair is long and brown - like his totem animal, the bear - with eyes that glisten with a light green tint. His face, although puffy from his weight, still appears chiseled and lithe. An unkempt goatee lies on his chin.


As bull-headed as he may be, Mathúin is tolerant of what others do and want as long as it would not bring harm to him or his friends. He does not do anything that he thinks of as wrong and unjust, but he is not above committing crimes or fighting against the law, so long as he is working towards his idea of the greater good.

While he minds his manners, he is often inappropriate at times when it is greatly uncalled for without realizing his mistakes. He constantly strives to improve himself, but is also cautious not to start something without finishing it that same day. In his own words, “something that is left undone is as worthless as a sober man in a tavern.”

But even with his adamant and meticulous nature, Mathúin often rushes into battle or conflict without a single thought about the consequence, believing fully in his heart that the strength of the entire world and the spirits that inhabit it is with him. This “head first” attitude also comes into his social life – he is often blunt in speech and prefers to speak the truth or make threats than speak ill of someone or spread gossip.

Mathúin is also a primal man – whenever the opportunity presents itself, he delights in immersing himself in carnal pleasures, such as gluttonous binges of bread and ale by the warmth of a tavern’s fire, or the pleasure of a sensual touch in the privacy of a bedchamber…regardless of whether that touch comes from either the fairer sex or his own.


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