Guild/Group Monolith
Theme Friends/Brothers
Primary Focus RP PvP
  2nd Focus RP PvE
Size 28
Guild Master Aeudus / Nelu
Contacts Aeudus / Nelu / Turn
City Tier 1
Teamspeak None
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone All
Website Http://

Basic InformationEdit

We're a RP PvE/PvP guild that is focusing on gaining a few members and leveling up to 80 to reach end game raids and sieges. At the moment we level up in groups and spot for griefers and gankers.. We make sure to stop them if they're picking on lower levels to enhance other players gameplay because we understand how annoying it is... We are recruiting at the moment and we're in the final construction of our Tier 1 City... Will be followed by our Tier 2 City when we gain enough resources/levels/money.

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