Murder Herd
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus Roleplay
  3rd Focus PvE
Size Large
Guild Master Matriarch
Contacts Conq, Arrocken, Bowzer, Nala, Monkey, Sordes, Vesrix, Paks
City Lacheish Plains
Time Zone EST, CST, PST

The HerdEdit

Do you enjoy senseless killing? Do you enjoy pillage, rape, and maim? Do you have a twisted sense of humor?

If so, then Murder Herd may be the right guild for you! Guild goals include large scale PVP battles and they have ownership of a Battlekeep. End game raiding is also a strong focus. The Herd does not ally with any other guild, holding themselves apart as the villains and reserving the right to kill anyone at any time. Especially when they need to replenish their stock of pants.

Murder Herd is a dedicated group of RP-PVPers who just love to kill the denizens of Hyboria regardless of race, sex, or creed. They add a twist of their own brand of humor and require that all members either RP or respect and work with the RP of others. They have few rules, but hold strict accountability of their membership to the ones that they do have.

Though not really a bad bunch, Murder Herd actively cultivates their status as the "villains" of Hyboria.

They hold regularly scheduled "stampedes" across zones on Murder Mondays. Additional days are also chosen if the mood strikes the Matriarch. These stampedes and rampages are run across multiple zones and instances and continue until active and strong resistance is found and the law abiding citizens of the land band together to drive the Herd away. The number of zones and instances depends on turnout. Raid groups frequently split to reduce instance and zone load to allow resistance to form without crashing the instance (too often). A typical stampede contains 2 to 3 teams that will roll across and instance, stopping at choke points or central locations to demand allegiance and pants for the Matriarch.

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