Nihna Neferhotep Edit

Nihna is a Stygian female assassin.

Born to the Neferhotep family of a small desert community, she was raised to be a horse breeder and follow the steps of her mother and father. When Nihna was met by a young Tempest of Set named Hasani, she fell quickly in love and the two left for Khemi. The two joined a cult of Set, who tattood them both and taught Nihna to use knives to kill for their god. For a while, things seemed to go well for the two, until Hasani allowed the pressures and pleasures of Khemi to distract him. Borrowing money from loan sharks to feed his growing addictions to women and alcohol, he was soon on the run when he found no way to pay them back. Nihna was found in their home by two hired men, who were supposed to repossess all of Hasani's items. When they found Nihna, she discovered Hasani's treachery and was captured.

Nihna spend several months as a slave to a Khemite, who used her for everything from scrubbing his floors to preparing his meals. One day, her master returned home drunk and lustful. Grabbing Nihna, he intended to rape her, but made the mistake of kissing her first. Enraged, Nihna bit off his tongue and watched him bleed to death. Shortly after, she escaped with his wife. The two separated, and Nihna was free again.

After returning to Khemi, she set out to find Hasani and kill him. Through study and patience, she hoped to torment him in a way that would ease her suffering, but first returned home. Back at the Neferhotep farm, she found her family long since dead, with evidence of their murder and pillaging left by the same men who enslaved her. Taking up her blades, she swore revenge against all men, who had proven thus far to be nothing less than treacherous and deceptive.

Weeks after, she met a man in Khemi named Khelnur. A Cimmerian, he proved to be both adventurous and strong willed. Insulted and somewhat confused by Nihna's hatred for men, he attempted to prove his own honor by fighting beside her. They formed a partnership, and he aided her in tracking down Hasani to kill him. Once Hasani was dead, Nihna decided that she enjoyed "the hunt", and that she wished remain partnered with Khelnur. Joined thus, Khelnur spoke to his own clan, the Bronwyn clan, and asked that she be accepted. The Bronwyn clan adopted her, and despite Nihna's distaste for Cimmeria's frigid temperature, she became fond of her new family and remainds with them to this day.

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