Order of illuminatus
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus Roleplay
  3rd Focus PvE
Guild Master Sintax
Contacts Sintax, Eblin, Bedevere, Osmodeus
City Tier 2 in Poitain
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone CST

Basic InformationEdit

The Order of Illuminatus or OI was founded in 2004 as a gaming community for MMO players. We are a group of diverse players, who like to socialize, have fun and of course play games!

We are currently working toward a Tier 3 city located in Poitain.

We do participate in the usual open PvP and mini games. We do not tolerate griefing or underhnaded ganking practices. We encourage light-roleplay (or heavy if that's your thing).

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