Game Information
Game Name Oriza
Nickname(s) She might have been called 'Riza once upon a time.
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Guild The Verdant Watch
Height 5'4"
Weight About 115 pounds, stark naked. Accounting for armor would make for a different story.
Build Small, compact.
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Pale green, bordering on yellow.
Age Late Teens / Early Twenties
Alignment Chaotic Good


Oriza is a small young woman, and that alone has spelled hell and a half for proving her worth, especially as her calling involves a fair bit of armor and swinging a blunt, two-handed weapon. Standing roughly a head beneath most Cimmerian men, the weapons typically fashioned for her kind may seem impractical and unwieldy--but wield them she does, and it's hard to question practicality judging by the success she's had so far. Despite her frame, Oriza's body is well-muscled; not exactly the bulging hardiness of a bear, or the tall, taut resemblance of a wolf, she could at least be related to a small wild cat, coiled and compact.

Her maple-brown hair is mostly left loose, except for a few braids. These are adorned with a some glass beads (dazzlingly green, which helps make her eyes seem more like that color rather than the feral yellow they otherwise tend towards), a blue-bird's feather, and even a few teeth or claws woven in with leather thongs. The rest of her hair, which isn't pulled into a braid, is messy more often than not.

Oriza has the Winter Hunter marking, a strip of charcoal painted across her eyes and the bridge of her nose. She hadn't 'awoken' into this unfamiliar life wearing it, but it was, along with her name, on of the few aspects of her past that persisted in her dreams--strong enough that she could remember them in her waking hours. Now she reapplies the mark frequently, even though it emphasizes the strange nature of her eyes.


Thoroughly good-natured, Oriza is an free spirit. She is more trusting than is good for her, perhaps not remembering enough of her time as a slave to have completely lost her naivety. She is quick to help whomever she seems as a wronged party. Her sense of honor is strong; she refuses to help slavers, or those she believes are following a dark path. Very much a woman of her people, Oriza has courage in spades, and bristles at even the hint of someone implying anything short of that.

Ultimately, Oriza wants to do good for the sake of doing good. Her intentions are genuinely well-placed, though she has a problem with reigning in her more impulsive side. Waiting for a time to strike, rather than charging in blindly, is a lesson that experience has recited for her time and time again, though it's still not certain if she's actually learned it yet.



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