The Pit Fighters
Guild/Group Guild
Theme Gladiatorial tournaments
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvP
  3rd Focus PvE
Guild Master Asmodr
Contacts Asmodr
Time Zone EST
Website The Pit Fighters Website

Basic InformationEdit

The Pit Fighters is seeking new recruits! Whether you enjoy the thrill of battle, or you have no place left to turn, The Pit Fighters can be a home to you! As a Pit Fighter, you will engage in pre-arranged battles for the entertainment of the masses. The consequences are steep, but the rewards are greater! Fight well, and you may even forge your own legend, a name whispered upon the lips of your fans. Come, join us, and fight for glory and riches!

We are a Mid-Heavy RP and PvP guild, accepting any who wish to join our ranks. We are not, however, RP elitists. We just want to experience all that the world of Hyboria has to offer, and enjoy ourselves while doing it. Our main focus is on camaraderie.

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