Lily 'Protea' Chromaggia
Game Information
Game Name Protea
Title(s) Viscountess
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Height 5'7"
Weight 125lbs
Build Slim, wiry
Gender Female
Hair Black, shoulder length, unkempt
Eyes Green
Age 22
Alignment True Neutral


Protea is a woman of slight build, long of limb and slender. Her body shows the hint of toned muscle of a runner's physique. Her black hair is often raggedly hanging about her face, concealing wide dark eyes, ringed with the lines of sleepless nights. She has Aryan features, high cheekbones, a sharp nose and a wide, cruel mouth. Her lips and features are often darkened by the application of an ashen kohl, making her pale skin all the whiter. Her chest is fair for her size, her waist and hips slim, her long legs deft and quick. The pale lines of scars criss-cross various areas of her body, marking her as a veteran of many fights. In particular a long knife thin scar mars her left side from collar bone to nipple.


Protea was born and raised in aristocracy, lending her the arrogant yet proper air of a viscount's daughter. As such she is well spoken, stern, and generally lofty in attitude. She is much more friendly to men than women, and developed a hatred for the upper class society in her recent years. After a series of betrayals, she finds it difficult to place trust in those close to her, and as such avoid letting herself fall into rank and file, even avoiding allying herself with any group in particular for any length of time. Protea adores the sea, and can often be found riverside or swimming off beaches. She is a follower of Nebethet and will always bear a figurine of the goddess on her somewhere.

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