Ravin Maria Spirosko-Blackclaw
Game Information
Game Name Vinma
Title(s) Brewmisteress
Nickname(s) Vin, Vinmu, Vin-Vin, Green
Race Zamoran / Cimmerian
Class Assassin
Guild Blackclaw Mercenaries
Professions Alchemist and Architect
Height 5'0"
Weight 115 lbs
Build Lean
Gender Female
Hair Reddish black
Eyes One blue, one gray
Age 22
Alignment True Neutral


Vinma is a small woman, standing 5'0", she has a well built figure, smooth in the sence most underestimate how muscular she is. Her hair is dreadlocked with brightly coloured blown glass beads woven into them, behind her right ear their is a raised scar from a brand and over the scar is a fox paw tattoo; her eyes are probably the most notable thing about her is her eyes since they are mismatched one blue one silvery gray.


(More to come)


(more to come)

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