Game Information
Game Name Reimm
Race Aquilonian
Class Barbarian
Height 5'5"
Weight 160 pounds
Build muscular
Gender male
Hair shaven
Eyes blue
Age 20
Alignment Neutral


Reimm is short, even by Aquilonian standards, but extremely strong and muscular, able to carry loads that would tire much larger men. He keeps his head shaved. His face is always covered with bruises, cuts, and abrasions that come from frequent brawls in taverns across Hyboria. His left arm has a tattoo saying "Mitra Protects" in Aquilonian, which he has as a joke because Mitra has never kept his life free of any suffering.


Reimm is very sensitive about his stature, and more than one man has found out the hard way that he is not to be teased about it. He has few friends, but is willing to give his life for those who fill that role. He appears angry and sullen, but is quick to laugh and crack a joke to lighten the mood. He openly mocks those who worship Mitra and Set, believing that Crom gave him the strength to kill those before him.


Reimm, birth name unknown, is by appearance Aquilonian. His first memories are as a slave to a Vanir chief's son, apparently having been captured during a raid. Reimm (the Cimmerian word for dread) has never bothered to try find out his heritage. At the age of six, he crushed the son's skull with a stone and fled south, toward what was apparently the lands of the enemies of the Vanir.

He wound up in Conalls Valley, and lived on the edge of the village there for several years, sneaking in at night and stealing food, until he was seen by one of the girls in the tavern. She talked to the tavernkeep, who took the boy on as a servant, doing various labor in exchange for room and board. He was often teased by the children of the village both for his blond hair (which is why he shaves his head) and his small stature, which was the cause of many fights. Reimm soon discovered he had a natural talent for fighting to go along with his talent for stealth, and watched the warriors train as much as he could, mimicing their moves in secret after dark.

One night at the age of 14 a drunken Stygian merchant pulled a sword on the tavernkeep over his bill. Within 2 heartbeats Reimm moved silently across the room and killed the merchant with a single strike to the throat. After that day the people of the village called him Reimm, Cimmerian for dread, because of the emotionless way he killed the man. From then on he was allowed to train with the other youngsters, quickly becoming one of the best warriors in the village.

He left after the current chieftain refused to actively fight the Vanir incursion into Conalls Valley. Reimm now travels the lands, seeking adventure, wine, women, and glory.

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