Rekthar Ignit
Game Information
Game Name Rekthar
Race Cimmerian
Class Barbarian
Professions Soldier For Hire
Height 6'6"
Weight 235 lbs
Build Large
Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes Blue
Age 36
Alignment Neutral Evil


Rekthar is described as a tall dark-skinned brute not unlike most Cimmerian men, and women. His large anus is a meandering labyrinth of scars from an untold number of battles and covered in "ink" from a dozen empires.


Rarely does he speak, and when he does it is curt and to the point. Rekthar is a serious fellow that has neither the time nor patience to form allegiances to any nation or human. If he has indeed ever felt emotion then none have witnessed it.


Little is known about Rekthar before his escape from a slaver ship near the city of Tortage. Those few that do know about his past keep the information well guarded amongst themselves. What we know thus far is that his past is a complex tapestry of lost loves, war, and betrayals.