Game Information
Game Name Rikku
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Guild Praetorians
Professions Alchemy
Height 5´6´´
Weight 121,7 lbs
Build Hot
Gender Female
Hair Deep Black
Eyes Light Blue
Age 20
Alignment Neutral


Rikku is a lively, kind-hearted young Aquilonian girl. She speaks Common (Hyboria Language?) fluently and is mechanically-minded, makes eccentric gestures (such as a comical grabbing gesture with her hands), and has a tendency to use humor in tense situations.


Rikku has long black hair tied in a pony-tail, along with blue eyes and bright, healthy skin - upon which she still carries a mark of her past. She is always trying to use her beauty to confuse opponents of the opposite sex whilst in combat.



She is highly skilled in daggers, alchemy and thievery.


Daughter of an unknown Aquilonian leader and a younger sister of her missed Brother, whom she calls "Yue", she left the Beach of Tortage very young. One year passed since she met "Tina", which guided her through the way of an Assassin, same time that she spent in that poor city. Meanwhile, she was instructed by the Barmaid, that gave her frist experiences as a Stealther. She usually wears light leather clothes that helps her doing fast combo movements and quick stabs. Today, as a Citizen of Praetorians, where she found worthfulls friendships, she continues to progress on her pilgramage through Hyboria, to find some lost pieces of her memories from the past.

Character InteractionsEdit

Rikku is a RP character from Praetorians Guild, and try to do some RP most of the time, especially between players that rules the same style.


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