Where: Khemi ~ "Serpants Head Inn" Cimmeria RP/PVP Server!

When: Every Friday Night! 10PM Eastern - 9PM Central - 7PM West Coast.

10 Silver Cover Charge!

Indulge in the carousing and drunkenness. The promiscuity and sensuality. The sexual immorality, pleasure-making and drinking. The chambering and lasciviousness. The wantonness and lust and debauchery!

Also rest assured that "Seer's Tavern" only employs RL Women so you do not have to feel that you are violating any of Set's laws!

We Have Stygian women, Cimmerian women, Aquillion women! We have women of Noble Stature, Slave Girls, Wenches!

There is a woman to fill each and everyone of your desires! Beautiful Women from around the world are here to see that your every need is taken care of!

That's right tired Warriors, after a long hard day rest your weary bones amongst the finest women the world has to offer!

Relax and allow them to serve you as you unwind from a long tedious day of Grinding!

Enjoy Dancing, Private Rooms, Entertainment & Company!

Indulge your Fantasies!

Seer's Tavern "Where the only thing that's real are the women" Upscale ~ Courtesy ~ Discretion - Privacy


"Seer's Tavern ~ "Where the only thing that's real are the women"

RL Female ~ If playing a Female.

All "Entertainers" will receive 1/2 the Cover Charge plus tips!

Applicants must be: Familiar with the /emote system! Interested in User Created Content ~ Role Playing ~ Mature ~ Having fun, Entertaining other players & making money!

PST Glannigan if interested!

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