You notice a small piece of paper nailed to a few boards here and there, and on the main door of the Serpent's Head Inn.

It reads:


Dancers: Must have the ability to dance well enough to drunken patrons.

Servers: Bring wine, beer, alcohol, and food to any and all patrons. Be prepared for unruly patrons.

Greeters: Must be able to happily meet and possibly seat incoming patrons

Bouncers/Guardians: The ability to severely hurt and/or kill unruly patrons in a quick manner. Fighters, people of the shadows, and casters are needed for this position. It is imperative that no surrounding patrons be hurt.

All positions are currently needed, but will go fast. We are looking for people with unique personalities, strong fighting skills, and the ability to apease any troublemakers before a problem occurs.

Friendly Events will be held in the Serpent's Head, such as meet and greet, story telling, dancing, fashion competitions, and group dance competitions.

More violent events will be held in the Armsman Tavern and surrounding areas of the Noble District in Old Tarantia. These include drunken fighting, hand-to-hand fights, nude dueling, decapitation contests, and more. Don't worry, healers will be provided.

Events will be at least once a week, or more.

Rewards include bags of gold, priceless gems, magical armor and weapons, and other things.

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