Clan / Family Griztan

Race: Cimmerian

Sex: Female

Classification: Barbarian

Guild Relations Argent Exodus


Serulean has rusty red hair and ghostly pale blue eyes. She stands at 6 feet four inches tall and weighs one hundred eighty stones. She has been discribed as "thick and muscular." She has no tatoos but some battle scars across her arms and shoulders. One scar slightly above her right eyebrow.


Serulean was born in the high mountain wilds of Cimmeria to the small clan of Griztan. The clan was known fur trappers and hunters, only coming down from their mountain homes to trade in the summer months. Serulean, named after the peak of Ogmon because of her unusually light blue eyes, was born to the second daughter of Gamuth. Having being born bastard, Gamuth, her grandfather, raised Serulean in the family home. The clan often said that Gamuth was cursed by Crom as a youth, for his wife and his daughters bore no sons. Gamuth, now an old man, raised Serulean as a son. The harsh mountain winters and the dangerous hunting of the deep mountains, gave the tall barbarian woman nimble feet and a strong will. Every summer, Serulean would travel with the men to the valley for trade. In the drinking halls, she sat at the table as one of the men and drank as Gamuth's son. Snowseru

One spring, the clans were called to meet at a farm down the mountain about whispers of war. The clan leaders discussed sending their sons to aid fighting in the valley. Gamuth proudly sent Serulean with the sons in his stead despite the hushed chuckles of the clansmen. Many months passed. Serulean and her cousins fought bravely. Soon the summer months again came and word from the mountains came with it, bearing ill word that Gamuth had been murdered by a scouting party and her family lodge burned two months before. Distraught with the news, Serulean made her way past the wall alone. Durring the night, her blood raged screams filled the misted valley for hours coupled by the screams of dying men and the clash of steal. As the grey sky lightened into morning, the men on the walls spotted a blood covered and nude Serulean dragging behind her a blood soaked axe. Her ghostly pale blue eyes told the guards who rushed out to meet her all they needed to know. She had drank from Crom's cup. Serulean was a berserker.

Serulean packed up what belongings she had and said goodbye to her cousins and the men she bled with. Traveling south.

Current Whereabouts, Rumors and NewsEdit

Serulean was last seen in the Wildlands riding a War Rhino. Rumors have come about that she has found employment with a guild called Argent Exodus.

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